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Contact lenses for all your NEEDS

Our contact lenses

At Le Lunetier, we offer a wide range of contact lens brands adapted to everyone’s needs. Our branch specialists will guide you to offer you the best contact lenses on the market. You can even enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by opting for lenses that enhance the look.

It is mainly the preferences of each who influence the frequency of renewal that suits them best. Daily, fortnightly and monthly contact lenses each have their advantages and disadvantages.




Daily wear disposable contact lenses have several advantages, convenience being the first. As these lenses require no care, no cleaning and no disinfection, they are very practical.

These lenses also offer a number of key “ingredients” that professionals look for in high performance lenses, including low rotation (useful for toric lenses), stability and high oxygen transmissibility.

Daily disposable lenses would reduce the risk of protein deposits, eye infections caused by the lenses or the solutions used to clean them, and corneal ulcers. Because they are replaced every day, the time for proteins and allergens, for example, to build up on lenses and create deposits is reduced. In addition, many of these lenses offer protection against UV rays, which is particularly indicated for sports patients.

Although, it feels like disposable lenses are expensive, they eliminate the need for a contact lens solution and do not require a protective case. That is why, some eye care professionals claim that the cost of difference between disposable lenses and traditional lenses is minimal and is offset, at least in part, by the reduced need for cleaning products.




Les lentilles à court terme sont du type de celles qui peuvent être utilisées pour une période allant jusqu’à 2 semaines. Il s’agit du type de lentilles le plus utilisé. Elle représentent souvent l’alternative la plus économique et il existe une large gamme de modèles différents, de couleurs et de fonctions.

Ce type de lentilles est facile à manipuler, mais il nécessite un entretien sous la forme d’un liquide de nettoyage et d’un étui à lentilles. Les lentilles sont introduites le matin et ôtées le soir. Une fois qu’elles sont nettoyées, elles sont placées dans un étui rempli de solution de nettoyage pour la nuit.

Après deux semaines, vous devez remplacer les lentilles pour d’autres pour éviter tout risque de contamination.




Monthly lenses offer many benefits. They are known for their comfort in the event of prolonged wearing. Some monthly lenses can be worn for up to seven consecutive days without being removed.

Wearing lenses that are not approved to be worn during sleep hours can pose a risk to your eyes as the lenses deprive your eyes of oxygen. These risks include corneal infections and corneal neovascularization, defined as gradual infiltration of blood vessels into the whites of the eyes.

During the day, having your eyes open brings oxygen to your cornea. Monthly and extended wear lenses are generally made from silicone hydrogel which has greater gas permeability: this material lets pass five times more Oxygen, or even more, compared to ordinary lenses.

In addition, by opting for monthly lenses, you will have fewer lenses to buy. The overall cost of monthly contact lenses may be slightly lower than that of daily lenses because, in the end, you buy fewer lenses. You throw them away once a month rather than every day, so you only need 24 lenses a year. For the eco-responsible carrier, this also translates into a reduction in waste.