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UNIQUE glasses lenses

Our glasses lenses

You will find the best glasses lenses available in stores. In addition, we will recommend lenses adapted to your lifestyle.


The High Resolution lens, or HD, differs by its entirely digital manufacturing. Personalized to your prescription, it gives a superior field of vision as well as an increase in visual clarity. In addition, your field of vision will be considerably enlarged.

The process of an HD lens can be compared to a High Definition television. The more pixels you have, the more precise your vision will be. However, the High Definition lens works digitally which allows better control of vision at all points of the lens.


Burning eyes, headache, blurred vision- these symptoms can be caused by eyestrain. It is a phenomenon that interests more than 60% of individuals, regardless of the correction indicated, inappropriate or absent. Linked to our way of life and our activities which, more and more, require near vision, eyestrain is recurrent and most people have the perception of it.

The anti-fatigue lens targets wearers who are in the 20 to 45 age group. It helps to rest the eyes by reducing eye stress.