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eyeglass treatments

Our eyeglass treatments


These lenses change colour in responses to UV rays and outside light. These lenses have the advantage of blocking the UVA and UVB rays 100%. In the same way, they reduce eye fatigue as well as glare.

Despite the effectiveness of this kind of lens, they do not constitute a replacement for sunglasses. In addition, the efficiency of the Transitions is reduced when the wearer is inside the car. This is explained by the fact that the lenses react to UV rays and that the windshield largely blocks their emission. In the long term, the lenses may retain residual tint. Finally, the efficiency of Transitions varies according to the temperature, as well as the material of the lens.


This treatment provides the lens addition resistance to shock and abrasion that could impair vision. This treatment does not provide perfect protection. It is an additional protection that reduces the risk of wear and tear.

A comprehensive range of scratch-resistant products exists on the market. The higher up you go in quality, the greater the scratch resistance. Guarantees may also vary depending on the product.


Provides the wearer superior vision as this treatment reduces the reflection of light and maximizes the penetration of light through the lens. The visual quality, as well as the contrasts, are superior. An anti-reflective coating is added to the scratch resistant.

There is a complete range of anti-reflective coating. The greater the quality, the more light will be transmitted to your eye, so the visual quality will be superior.

An anti-reflective is strongly recommended when using a computer or working in areas illuminated by neon lights.


This is a treatment that is added to anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings. This treatment makes cleaning easier because it repels grease and dust. Your lenses will therefore be cleaner for a longer time.