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Sunglass lenses for your LIFESTYLE

Our Sunglass lenses

The sun can really cause serious damage to your eyes, which is why protecting them from the rays is a must, and in all seasons!


Polarized lenses contain a filter that eliminates reflections from reflective surfaces such as snow, water and the road. These lenses are beneficial especially for individuals during activities like boating, motorcycling and skiing.

What are the advantages?

Polarized lenses offer several significant advantages compared to conventional non-polarized sunglasses:

  • Less eye strain
  • Better contrast and greater visual acuity
  • Better protection against discomfort and glare
  • Better color perception
  • Reduction of reflections and glare

Come and try the experience of polarized lenses in branches, you will be amazed by their effectiveness!


For your sunglasses, it is possible to choose the shade that suits you according to your different activities…

  La TEINTE VERTE a un effet apaisant. Elle augmente la perception du vert et du bleu. Pour un usage quotidien.

  La TEINTE ORANGE augmente les contrastes et la précision de la vision. Elle est idéale pour les sports de cible et de glisse.

  La TEINTE JAUNE accroît les contrastes et la profondeur lors d’une faible luminosité. Idéale pour la pêche, le cyclisme et le patin à roues alignées.

  La TEINTE GRISE est idéale pour toutes les activités, car elle ne change pas la perception des couleurs.

  La TEINTE BRUNE est également tout usage, en plus d’augmenter les contrastes. Idéale pour la conduite automobile.