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Sunglass lenses
for your LIFESTYLE

Our Sunglass Lenses

The sun can actually cause serious damage to your eyes, which is why protecting them from the rays is a must in all seasons!


Polarized lenses contain a filter that eliminates reflections from reflective surfaces such as snow, water and roads. These lenses are advantageous especially for individuals who enjoy boating, motorists and skiers.

What are the benefits?

Polarized lenses offer a number of significant advantages over conventional non-polarized sunglasses:

  • Less eye fatigue
  • Better contrast and visual acuity
  • Better protection against discomfort and glare
  • Better colour perception
  • Reduction of reflection and glare

Come in to the store and experience polarized lenses: you’ll be amazed by their effectiveness!


You can choose the sunglass tint that suits you according to your various activities…

  GREEN TINT has a soothing effect. It increases the perception of green and blue. For daily use.

  ORANGE TINT increases contrast and accuracy of vision. It is ideal for shooting and gliding sports.

  YELLOW TINT increases contrast and depth in low light conditions. Ideal for fishing, cycling and rollerblading.

  GRAY TINT is ideal for all activities as it does not change colour perception.

  BROWN TINT is all-purpose, in addition to increasing contrast. Ideal for driving.